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We are aware that society is optimally balanced when individuals have an attractive environment to live in. Social development is accelerating and our lives are becoming increasingly contentious.


We know that active living benefits our physique, health and social interactions.


As a society we are more conscious of achieving active lifestyles. However, research shows that Swedes are the most sedentary people in the world. Generally, children’s physique and stamina are worsening. What's happening?


3P Arkitektur is aware of this disheartening development and the issues surrounding the lack of physical activity. How do they affect us? What is needed to make our habitats sustainable and attractive? How does physical activity promote integration and social sustainability?

We have in-depth knowledge of trends and tendencies relating to sports facilities, physical activities and the benefits it offers towards social balance and attractiveness.


Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about how we work to solve these questions.


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