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3P  is an experienced architectural and construction management company with a diverse and interesting portfolio of projects. Our goal is to assist the client through all stages of a project: from initiation of idea, implementation of design, procurement and construction guidance.

We have a long-term vision and Team 3P is essential to achieving the future success of the firm. In the next few years, we expect to be well established in our region, where we are active and involved in many diverse and exciting projects. We are forming a team of talented, innovative architects and engineers with sound values for the best interests of society and industry. Team 3P aims to always grow and work with a progressive and creative spirit.

We look to implement the most diverse portfolio of projects. Our strength lies within our constant dialogue and openness with society and the environment. 

In 3P's concept, we prioritise quick transitions from our knowledge and creativity to concrete results. What defines us is our short decision-making processes based on rapid dialogue, both internally and towards our clients.

We nurture our working environment and aim to make it fun and inspiring to go to work every day. We know that creativity and job satisfaction are highly dependent on our surroundings.

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