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Activity areas are not only confined to sports grounds or the gym! 

The general awareness of the importance of our day to day physical fitness and health is improving. 


Sweden is one of the world's leading countries in sports. Sadly, it turns out that Swedes are concurrently one of the most sedentary people in the world. Society, municipalities, county councils, schools, as well as our communities and associations, are of great importance in the improvement of our physical and social health. 3P Architecture sees the impact that urban and residential planning has on our health and social activities. 


Pleasant environments which invite spontaneous meetings, recreation and togetherness need to be prioritised in urban and residential areas, especially those connected with our schools. They contribute strongly to an open and vibrant society. One should not have to turn to organised activities in order to exercise or to improve one's physical health. These spontaneous physical activity areas should be accessible, attractive, enlightened, friendly, inviting play and physical activities for everyone, regardless of ability, age or gender. 


With proper focus and execution relating to these spaces in our urban and residential development, we will have significant positive consequences that will develop, rather than burden, our society. 

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